The 2014 Grand National Sweepstake and more!

Organise an office sweepstake or liven up a party with a sweepstake, whether it's the Grand National, big football tournaments, Miss World or the ever popular Eurovision Song Contest that gets your attention.

Go to the free Grand National Sweepstake Kit for 2014 now

1)    Choose your event


Grand National




World Cup


Ryder Cup


2)    Print and cut out your sweepstake tickets

3)    Let your friends 
or colleagues buy the tickets for a set amount each

4)    Log who has which ticket and let every know what the prizes are

5)    Pin your sweepstake up so you can all curse the jammie get who got the favourite

Get started now:

Grand National Sweepstake | Eurovision Sweepstake |  World Cup Sweepstake | Legal info >>